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Malaika Dale, @thenomadiclondoner

Show Some Support


Everything I create could not be done without you. Here's some ways to support the work I make...

Buy Some Merch

The easiest and most straight forward way to support is to buy the work. This could be tickets to shows or grabbing a copy of the play via my Big Cartel store.

Hire Me To Do Things

I can bring my unique blend of spoken word & vocal looping to your gigs and events, as well as offering bespoke workshops tailored to your needs. PLUS I'm now offering creative mentorship to young, emerging artists. For more information about availability and rates - contact me.

If you are a venue looking to programme WHITE for the 2018/19 tour, you'll need to get in touch with the Tour Producer, Maeve O'Neill.

Donate Some Loose Change

Most of my work is funded out of pocket. All income goes directly back in to making work & paying artists. Your spare change helps pay for equipment, rehearsal space & a whole bunch of other important stuff. You can give on PayPal or you can donate a coffee for those early mornings.

If you'd like to sponsor specific show or become a regular supporter, please drop an email to hello@heykoko.com

Spread The Word

As an artist word-of-mouth is invaluable. So let people know what you saw by talking about it online or, the old fashioned way, face-to-face over a coffee.

Tag me in your posts (@theKokoBrown) or use each show's individual hashtag (#WHITEplay, #GREYplay etc) to join the conversation.

Show Up

This is an obvious one but I geniunely appreciate each and every one of you that come out to support. Small gigs or full length shows, free or ticketed - just you being there means a lot to me.

You can find out about upcoming gigs & shows HERE.

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