Koko has been producing for as long as she's been a performer. She's worked with companies such as Lyric Hammersmith, Brixton House and Brainchild Festival.

As a Cultural Producer, Koko creates & supports work that is unique, multidiscipinlary and is 'For Us By Us'. She mainly produces under the Lost Kids Collective banner and has previously been supported by Arts Council England, O2 Think Big and amazing people on Kickstarter.

Black in Power is a podcast series that aims to demystify the roots into leadership roles, with a specific focus on arts and culture.

New episodes released every Tuesday.

For more information you can look on the Black in Power page by clicking here.


Lost Kids Collective are a collective of artists from a range of disciplines, who make solo and collaborative work based on a shared narrative. We create theatre, music and curate events that look at aspects of identity through personal stories & experiences.

For more information you can look on the Lost Kids Collective page by clicking here.