Lost Kids Collective

Lost Kids Collective tells stories from the outsiders, the others, the ‘Lost Kids’.


We’re a collective of artists from a range of disciplines, who make solo and collaborative work based on a shared narrative. We create theatre, music and curate events that look at aspects of identity through personal stories & experiences.




We always blend disciplines. We always tell our truth. You’re always included.

Currently working on:

Black in Power podcast


A podcast series that aims to demystify the roots into leadership roles, with a specific focus on arts and culture.

You can find out more about this Podcast; including guests, episode links and transcripts on the Black in Power page


Previous work includes;

Swallowing Your Idols


Memories don’t forgive. Children don’t forget. Adults don’t grow up.


Having built a world seemingly free from family trauma, Swallowing Your Idols follows three iterations of the same human who use their imagination to cope with being thrown into adulthood. A never ending episode told through music, hacked toys and poetry. Swallowing Your Idols is the apology and forgiveness owed to your past selves.


Sound and vocal loop artist, Xana, presents a visceral exploration into the experience of aggressor, protector, victim, and the spaces of solace we create in order to choose to live each day.  


part of the Colour Trilogy


Koko is a strong, independent, Black woman. She has a roof over her head. She has food in her fridge. She lives a good life.

She’s also a little bit sad, a lot of the time.

She doesn’t understand why.

A candid show exploring depression and Black women’s mental health. Blending spoken word and vocal looping, GREY is fully British Sign Language (BSL) integrated and contains sensitive content.

Please Tick One


Part exhibition, part gig - an unapologetic celebration of identity.


Please Tick One is a series of events focusing on specific aspects of identity, including race, mental health, sexuality and gender. Featuring poetry, music, photography, aerial acrobatics, visual art and film from exciting emerging and established artists.